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Welcome to Allianz Global Assistance Healthscreen

Your travel insurance policy will not cover claims related to existing medical conditions unless you declare them to us and we accept them in writing.

If you need to make a cancellation or medical expenses claim you want it to be paid so this site will tell you if your existing medical conditions can be covered. In some cases it will be necessary to pay an additional premium for this cover.

You can only declare your medical conditions on Allianz Global Assistance Healthscreen if you have purchased, or are planning to purchase, a travel insurance policy arranged by one of the companies below.

Please be aware

The cost of medical treatment abroad varies a lot from country to country. Some countries may provide medical treatment in state or public hospitals but in other countries the healthcare system is mainly in private hospitals (particularly in the USA and Canada). The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) allows UK residents to certain free or reduced cost emergency medical treatment in public hospitals. The EHIC does not cover any additional accommodation or transport costs to return home to the UK.

There are a large number of private hospitals in popular tourist resorts, particularly in Spain and Greece, where the EHIC is not valid. Treatment costs in private hospitals and additional costs to return home, if you miss your original return date or need special transport, can be very expensive and could have very serious financial implications on you.

In a medical emergency the closest hospital or the one an ambulance takes you to may be private.

Please select the company which issued your travel insurance policy arranged by one of the companies below:
If available, please provide your Holiday Booking Reference: 
I confirm that I have the traveller's permission to declare their medical conditions.
I understand that if I make an inaccurate declaration, the insurers might not pay a related claim for cancellation or medical expenses, and that I would be responsible for all costs.
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